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What is the difference between cheap and extensions made ​​of real hair extensions ?

Clear difference is the quality. While the cheap Extensions often made ​​of synthetic hair , so mostly from Kanekalon Thermofiber . This not only feels in the truest sense of the word artificial in - it looks it . And it knotted and confused quickly, it can only be washed with special shampoos and does not tolerate heat. Thus, it is not allowed and also blow-dry styling with flat iron or curling iron precipitates. The shelf life is much shorter than in human hair extensions . For human hair extensions are more care , more durable, and most importantly how to style your own hair . They can even be colored. Even the look of real hair extensions are virtually indistinguishable from your own hair .

Besides the different ways to attach the extensions, there are many different styling options . You can wash the extensions made ​​of real hair , color , blow dry and style your hair with a curling iron or flat iron. Your creativity, new hairstyles as are designed to virtually no limits .

Check out the best in Shop around, and order the extensions in your desired length and color. Pick out the suitable for you to bonding , and order the accessories such as Micro ring , bonding , Bondinglöser , heat pliers or Micro Rings with keratin or Shrinkies . You will be sure excited to see what wide range we have to offer you .

In addition to the extensions , you can also get various accessories for nail extension with us . So we offer different nail files, nail UV lamps and accessories. So you can start your home complete care and beautification program , and without the high costs of a beauty salon.

Browse in our care products for extensions and hair pieces, so you can get everything you need for the extensions and their maintenance , easy to order online. You do not even have to pay out of the house , because you can quickly and easily be done online.

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